Nuestra Sra. del Carmen y S Vte. de Paúl
Avenida de Burjassot, 150

martes, 5 de marzo de 2013


  • I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with
  • I am writing to / I wish to complain about
  • Please note that the goods we ordered on ( date ) have not arrived yet
  • We regret to inform you that our order n° ----- is now considerably overdue.
  • I would like to query the transport charges which seem unusually high.
  • We were extremely disappointed with...
  • was not what we had led to expect
  • We were thoroughly disgusted with...
  • I am writing to inform you that the goods we ordered from your company have not been supplied correctly
  • I am not going to accept this / put up with this / let this go
  • I should like to know what you intend / what you are going to do about this
  • Your attitude is deceiful / negligent
  • We expect a letter of explanation / a substantial refund
  • Unless you... we shall take matters further
  • I should warn you that
  • Otherwise, we may have to look elsewhere for our supplies
  • If these conditions are not met we may (be forced to) take legal action
  • I wish to draw your attention to…
  • I would suggest that
  • I am writing to ask you to please...
  • Could I please ask you to look into these matters?
  • Please ensure that such errors do not happen again
  • We may have to look elsewhere for our suppllies
  • Please send us a corrected invoice
  • I suggest that immediate steps be taken.
  • I look forward to a prompt reply and hope that you will take this into consideration…
  • I am really dissatisfied with…
  • Enclosed are copies of my records
  • I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem

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